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Stating the Obvious, or, Missing the Forest

So my boy Tom and I were recently talking about literature, as two guys are apt to do when not talking about baseball or girls. And I suddenly got on a rant, thinking about an English class I had in … Continue reading

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What a Waste

I recently acquired the first two greatest hits collections of The Cure, Staring at the Sea and Galore, covering the years 1979-1985 and 1986-1997 respectively. The Cure was a band that I actively avoided like the damn plague in high … Continue reading

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Oh Well

Just heard about Chris Webber being traded to Philadelphia. So much for my master plan of fixing the Timberwolves. Such is life. Still, it could make things VERY interesting in the east, especially if Shaq’s out for any extended period … Continue reading

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Introducing Mister Atrophy or My, But Times Have Changed

Went to the chiropractor today. Liked her a lot. She spent a really long time with me, taking my history and all that, and explaining what she was looking for, and then put me through a ton of stretches and … Continue reading

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The Swordfish Review

Okay, so I implied that John Travolta has made a lot of disappointing movies recently. And by recently, I mean post-his-most-unlikely-and-successful-comeback-in-the-history-of-Hollywood. But it’s true. “Pulp Fiction” was brilliant, and “Get Shortly” magnificent. For a while it seemed he could do … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Go Freelance

Holidays just screw you up. Instead of getting a day off work, it’s a regular day, only there’s no mail and the bank and library are closed. Rather than a delightful long weekend, it means the stores are more crowded. … Continue reading

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See Ya, Pal

Two great quotes from a guy who decided to leave us too soon (although, really, it’s nearly a miracle he lasted as long as he did): “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway … Continue reading

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