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Milestones and Millstones

So yesterday I posted my 100th piece on Left of the Dial and the minivan broke down. Are those two related? No, not really, I just wanted an excuse to mention that I’d hit the century mark. Thank you, thank … Continue reading

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Be Like Mike

Went to the grocery store with The Bean yesterday. She is an absolute delight to shop with, happy to just chat away about whatever catches her eye, chortling at the notion of dog food, for instance. And sure that a … Continue reading

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Pool Party

There is something really scary about seeing your child pick up a snake. And even if you quickly realize that it must be a toy—although you’re too far away to verify that—it’s still a terrifying experience to look up and … Continue reading

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The Most Unnecessary Candy Ever

That would be the Snickers bar with almonds. Delicious? Oh, you bet. Then again, it was the first time too. When it was called a Mars bar. Look, when it comes to candy bars, there are really only two kinds: … Continue reading

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Why This Band Plays On

From one of my favorite writers, a former editor at Rolling Stone. His book, “Shot in the Heart,” is about his family and specifically his brother, Gary Gilmore and a more powerful book I’ve never encountered. I don’t agree with … Continue reading

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One of our best friends when we lived in New York City was an amazing woman I’ll call Kitty. Kitty was, as far as I know, an atheist, and if she wasn’t technically, she was durn close. She was also … Continue reading

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An American Master

So Top Management and I recently spent only the second night away from the kids in over ten years. We went down to Greensboro to see my boy Bruce Springsteen perform on only his second solo tour in well over … Continue reading

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