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Just a Little Secret

I’m listening just now to a 1984 acoustic show performed by, of all people, John Mellencamp. It’s after his second popular album came out—which was something like his fifth or sixth album, but the first three pretty much tanked—and it’s … Continue reading

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My Country, Right or Wrong

So a few days back I Googled the phrase “my country, right or wrong” as I was wondering about its history. What I found surprised the bejeebers out of me. Unless I’m missing something, although it was later used in … Continue reading

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How to Learn to Ride a Bike

So some of you may remember that a while back I said that The Rose had actually forgotten how to ride her bike over the winter, thus disproving the old adage. She hopped on it this spring, went two feet, … Continue reading

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RIP Rosa Parks

There are some people who possess such courage and dignity that they can influence the course of human history. The rest of us can only marvel at such strength. No. No, that’s not true. The rest of us can look … Continue reading

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That Pesky Rule o’ Law

I am naturally predisposed to like United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for several reasons. First of all, she’s from Texas. Given that I was born in the Lone Star State, I tend to award bonus points for other people … Continue reading

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Advance the Knowledge and Well-being of Mankind

“And it cannot be but that each generation succeeding to the knowledge acquired by all those who preceded it, adding to it their own acquisitions and discoveries, and handing the mass down for successive and constant accumulation, must advance the … Continue reading

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Why I Hate College Sports

People sometimes ask me why I hate college sports so much. The story below is a pretty good example of what I find so hideous about the entire industry. “Student-athlete.” Please. They’re employees, well-compensated—far better than they generally seem to … Continue reading

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