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Rockin’ the Right—The Sequel!

So Rockin’ the Right: The Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs lit up the internets for a few days. So much so that even Pete Townshend felt compelled to chime in (and understandably so). Now the author of the original list … Continue reading

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Even Worse than Worse than Prog

So a while back I admitted that I couldn’t help myself—I really dig prog. This is not prog. In fact, this manages to take the very worst of prog and somehow make it even worse—no mean feat. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Pete Townshend Responds!

So I got more’n a few hits on the Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs of All Time piece. Much ado was particularly made, understandably, here and elsewhere around the internets, of the Number One song. So much so that the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

I hope you and yours all have a good one. The Defense Department last week identified the following American military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq or who died at a U.S. hospital of their injuries: David R. Christoff Jr., … Continue reading

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No More Pow!

Here’s a letter my boy Gorf just wrote to the New York Times: Pow! Zap! Stop the cliché headlines! What is it that brings out the circa 1966 sound effects in the headlines of articles about comics and graphic novels … Continue reading

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Tony Blankley: Lying Liar Lies

I’ve watched a lot of talking heads and, unlike actual politicians, I’ve often seen them spin, sometimes furiously, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one simply out and out lie. But on the McLaughlin Group just now, Tony Blankley … Continue reading

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Stupid Question

So you remember back in school when the teacher would often say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question? And then the class cut-up would say that there are only stupid answers? And sometimes someone would add that … Continue reading

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