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Down in Flames

So the anti-American flag burning amendment went down in flames, as they say. Which means freedom is safe for another two years until this non-issue gets dragged up again in a reprehensible attempt to gain votes. And our president is … Continue reading

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Who Would Jesus Kill?

Thank Christ—my personal Lord and Savior—that good Catholics Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito (the tie-breaking vote) and Chief Justice John Roberts banded together to unanimously flip the bird to Pope John Paul II’s views on the death penalty. (At least this … Continue reading

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Chuck Berry and John McCain?!

Okay. I give up. What Chuck Berry anthem did John McCain use as a theme song? I don’t know the answer either, but I’ve got about a dozen hits today from folks in different locations asking that very question, in … Continue reading

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Still More on Flag Burning Hypocrisy

Sometimes you think things—politics, movie stars, pop stars, life in general—can’t possibly get more absurd. And it and they all always prove you wrong. For instance. By following that there link you’ll see a picture of President George W. Bush … Continue reading

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More on Flag Burning

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but one of the commentators at Unclaimed Territory reminded me of something l learned as a tot. Every year on Independence Day and Memorial Day and Thanksgiving and President’s Day and at least a … Continue reading

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Burning the Bill of Rights

So I’ve largely avoided political posts for the past few weeks for a variety of reasons. One was that I was simply too busy with actual paying work. Another was that I just wasn’t in a bloggy state o’ mind. … Continue reading

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Loud and (Too) Clear

Okay, this is really weird. I’ve had tinnitus for over a year now—at least, I’ve noticed it for that long, although I don’t know when it really started. But you may have heard about that new ring tone that only … Continue reading

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