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Kilyorke Was Here

Heard a song on the radio yesterday, a local station, maybe college, that was playing a lot of what we used to call alternative or underground (or sometimes just plain ol’ college rock) back in the days or yore when … Continue reading

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I Scream

Another in my never-ending list of differences between the left coast and the right (which is not necessarily a synonym for “correct” in this case): Edy’s ice cream is known as Dreyers out here. At first I thought another company … Continue reading

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Scintillating Cinnamon

I don’t care much for flavored coffees normally. I love the idea, but rarely like the actual result. Why is it that I love hazelnut and I like chocolate but neither of those flavors works for me in coffee? Makes … Continue reading

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The Subtle Harry Potter

So I no longer have access to all the groovy webtools I’d accumulated on my otherwise ancient office computer on which I’ve worked (well, sometimes) for six years. So I have little idea where my hits are coming from these … Continue reading

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Liquid Speed

I’ve been drinking too much coffee. I can’t help it. My sleep cycle’s still all kinds o’ screwed up. And yeah, I know, the java prolly ain’t helping. But I’ve been waking up early early and unable to get back … Continue reading

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Different Walks

So here are two things which (that?) folks here in California might not realize are really, really goofy to us folk from back east. First of all, they sell hard liquor in the drug store. Which makes sense, I suppose, … Continue reading

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So Big and Yet Compact

Okay, so we’ve already discovered that SUVs seem to semi-officially be considered SMALL CARS here in California. But COMPACT? Oh, yes, indeed they are. Or so I’ve gathered after seeing dozens of them squeezed into spaces so marked. Man, has … Continue reading

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