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They’re Here

And they claim they like the place. I have rarely been this happy. But because, you know, it’s me and therefore needs to be graded on the curve, I should rephrase for maximum clarity: I am so very happy. Advertisements

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Ups and Downs

So the fambly is in Arizona. All their stuff, on the other hand, is now in the lovely semi-arid clime of San Diego county. It took the awesome fellers who did the move about four hours to get it all … Continue reading

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O’er the Mountains

Top Management just called. The brood has passed the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range and the Greenhorn Mountains and went over the Raton Pass and are now in New Mexico. Yay! They’ll be in Santa Fe tonight. The moving truck … Continue reading

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I Hate Painting

I hate painting with the fiery heat of a thousand suns. I suck at it. Do I suck at it because I hate it or do I hate it because I suck at it? It’s a chicken and the egg … Continue reading

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Rock Album Covers Rock

If the internets have made nothing else clear, it’s that some people (present company obviously very much included) have way too much time on their hands. These fine folks don’t have nearly enough. More. More. More. They must create more … Continue reading

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A Matter of Taste

You know what’s really, really good? These. These are really, really good. I recommend them highly. For some reason, they’re even tastier when someone else buys ‘em. But they’re mighty good either way.

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When Racism’s Not Quite Enough

So. My senator of record, Senator George Felix Allen Jr, got his tushie kicked last night when he foolishly tried to debate James Webb, the Secretary of the Navy under Saint Ronald Reagan. We already know that Allen’s a racist–never … Continue reading

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