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Four Chords Are the Truth

So here’s a link that 99.9% of Left of the Dialians will love. (The other one has gout and experienced some unpleasant travel delays on Thanksgiving.) Here’s a site with the same video, but which also has a list of … Continue reading

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Move Over, Prince

As I think I’ve ranted on here before, it always drove me nuts when people would say of one candidate or another, “He is (or isn’t, depending) the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with.” I mean, … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Slow week in Iraq; Samarra seems to have been particularly dangerous, even for those not in combat. But I bet it doesn’t seem so slow to the families and friends of the following, all of whom were in their early … Continue reading

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Empty Threat

So this piece here talks about a book whose idea is one I’ve been saying to friends for a few years now. In its own way, it’s a scary, dangerous idea. On the other hand, so’s the reverse. OVERBLOWN? by … Continue reading

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On this Thanksgiving, as with so many years past, I’m thankful for my family. That’s pretty much not simply top of the list, but overwhelms just about everything else to the point that I can’t think of much else. Except … Continue reading

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Bring Back the Draft

I like Larry O’Donnell, even if Top Management thinks he’s dreamy. If you’ve ever seen Larry, you’ll understand that her taste in men is a bit…idiosyncratic, shall we say? Especially since she’s equally enamored of charming lunatic Pat Buchanan. Then … Continue reading

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Just Us and the Cat

“The fish is not wrong.” Words of wisdom. And one of my favorite phrases ever. This article is nearly four years old now, but I found myself thinking of it when pal Karen mentioned that she stolen two of the … Continue reading

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