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I’m the second Google hit for burned labia. The first hit if you’ve got Safe Search turned on, which removes the real first hit. Which, somehow unsurprisingly, is for Britney Spears. And to think my high school speech teacher said—okay, … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

The Defense Department last week identified the following American military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq: Jeffrey A. Avery, 19, of Colorado Springs, Colo.; private first class, Army. Avery was killed Monday when an improvised bomb exploded at a security … Continue reading

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Four Years Later

And, incredibly, there’s more where these came from.

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A Cure for Traffic

It is The Funk. I learned this morning that even frustratingly hideous and pointless and unexpectedly heavy traffic is shockingly bearable if one is listening to Fulfillingness’ First Finale. Indeed, boogie on, reggae woman. Your irresistibly slinky bassline makes sitting … Continue reading

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Here’s what I do when I’m at a four-way stop and someone goes when it’s clearly my turn: I nearly hit them. Sometimes I go really fast and stop just before I hit them. Sometimes I go slowly and stop … Continue reading

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A minivan’s kinda a big vehicle. Not as big as, say, an 18-wheeler or an SUV but, still, you know. Big. So how is it that a small interior light can run down the battery in twelve hours? I mean, … Continue reading

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Death by Peanut Butter

Mmm….there’s nothing like a good peanut butter and salmonella sandwich. FDA Was Aware of Dangers To Food The Food and Drug Administration has known for years about contamination problems at a Georgia peanut butter plant and on California spinach farms … Continue reading

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