Lucky Thirteen

Thirteen years ago today I found myself all alone. I was in a small room off to the side of the altar in St. Mary’s, and my best man—brother Jay—had just gone to the back of the church to check on things, make sure (as is his wont) that all was running smoothly.

So I paced around the little room, checked my bow tie, attempted in vain to listen to the music—something by Bach, I think, although I don’t recall what—and tried not to feel the way I was feeling: a bit nervous, although that was mainly stage fright (and well deserved, as I did indeed blow one of my lines, as had been predicted at the rehearsal dinner).

And most of all, I felt incredibly lonely. My big day and I was all by myself. I felt very small and very young and very alone.

And then Jay came back and assured me that all was well and we got the sign and moved out to the front of the altar and a minute later the trio kicked into “Here Comes the Bride” and I caught sight of my best friend in the whole world walking down the aisle towards me, more beautiful than I ever could have imagined a human could possibly look.

And with two small and resulting exceptions—coming back to the apartment alone late at night/early in the morning after the birth of our first child, and then a few years later coming back to the apartment alone very early in the morning after Max was diagnosed with leukemia—that was the last time I was lonely.

Since then I’ve often had more company than a hermit like me is really designed for. And yet I still never get nearly enough time with Top Management. Because it’s not possible to.

Best of all, we’re just getting warmed up. Top Management has somehow managed to grow even more beautiful than she was on our wedding day. And for reasons which utterly elude me, she still doesn’t seem to have gotten completely tired of me yet.

So. Thirteen years down, a lifetime left to go.

Happy anniversary, love of my life.


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9 Responses to Lucky Thirteen

  1. What a beautiful tribute. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. KC says:

    OH my, that was so sweet!!! Happy anniversary!!!!

  3. Terrillyn says:

    Your tribute to your wife brought tears to my eyes. May you have many, many more years with Top Management.

  4. Karen E. says:

    That is so incredibly sweet. Happy anniversary to you both!

  5. Nicole in MN says:

    This is how it should be. Congratulations!

  6. xixi says:

    omg wa! so lovely!!! congrats! was it really THIRTEEN YEARS AGO? my head asplode.

  7. Dave M says:

    You soppy old git!
    Post was great – Congratulations!

  8. eD says:

    Time flies when you are having fun. The church my wife and I attend in NC is St Mary’s as well. I was pleasantly surprised to also see that the church here in Kodiak Island is also St Mary’s. Seeing that is also true for you on your wedding day made me wonder if that is the top name for our churches thorughout the country.

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