500 Years of Women in Art

Oh, sure, I’ve said I hate YouTube. But I don’t. My love for it is mean and true. And it’s not just availability of horrible videos from the 1980s—although that is awfully great.

It’s also because of the way it enables creative people from around the world to present well-known art in a way that’s fresh and new. And about my favorite subject, with my favorite Bach piece in the background? What’s not to love?

H/T: the always interesting Charlottesville Words


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5 Responses to 500 Years of Women in Art

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the tip o’ the hat, Scott. About the video — I can’t believe people are giving this stuff away! But that’s the beauty of the internets.

  2. Theresa says:

    That is just mesmerizing!

  3. joel says:

    my wife reads your wifes blog and keeps sending me to yours. This video is great. I think it shows a search for the archetypal beauty, woman, etc. The painting of Venus was done outrightly for this purpose but it is interesting that white European culture continues to search for archetypal beauty in a womans face. OK Picasso was after something else, but after the series of pretty white faces the picasso images are a refreshing change of angle, beauty has to be more. I enjoy the Bach piece too.

  4. Yetta says:

    You can see the complete list of artist and titles at:

  5. Les Guitar says:

    Les Guitar

    Order from for Gibson Guitar has announced the The Gibson L

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