One Bad Apple

Pal DT reminded me of the time he and a friend played some Little Feat for me in a failed attempt to get me to recognize their greatness. I, in turn, played The Replacements for him and improved his life forevermore. I’m such a good friend. A complete jerk, but a great friend. Except, you know, when I’m not. Which is pretty much all the time I’m not playing The Replacements.

Anyhoo, I apparently also played them this LP.

Not quite The ‘Mats, mayhap, but much groovier threads—the collars, the fringe. And some outrageous high-steppin’ dance moves. And I wonder if the vocals were overdubbed, ‘cuz, damn but they’re tight.

And the lighting cues? Red on the word “apple?” Genius!


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2 Responses to One Bad Apple

  1. KathyR says:

    Wow. What a flashback! I am 11 all over again!
    Those collars!

  2. DT says:

    If Merrill was their Tito…
    And Jay was their Jackie…
    And Wayne was their Jermaine (it even rhymes!)…
    And Donny, of course, was their less pedophiliac Michael…
    Then who was their Marlon? Who was their Marlon people? Somebody please hep me!
    (Jimmy, naturally, was Randy. And Marie indeed was their Janet at first, though she’s lately been moving closer to Latoyaville.)

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