Reason #1732414 Why I Love My Wife

Top Management kicks ass.


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6 Responses to Reason #1732414 Why I Love My Wife

  1. Karen E. says:

    That she does. And admirably, too.

  2. Tom E. says:

    The harpy who made the comment was probably from some right-wing Orange County “family values” group

  3. Ed says:

    kudos to your wife. Well done!

  4. xixi says:

    I LOVE stories like that.

  5. TPC says:

    Sadly, the United States is not a friendly place for people with small children. It’s almost like we live in a parallel universe, with the child-free universe not happy when the two intersect.

  6. andrea says:

    I actually meant to respond to your wife’s post but got side-tracked by bedtime…so please pass this on: as a mom who has often felt badly about bringing her *fairly* well-behaved boys out in public, I loved, adored, worshiped-at-the-feet of her post.
    I have worked very hard as a mother to help my alphabet-soup children (add, adhd, odd, pdd, etc., etc.) blend in the public realm. It has not always been smooth…for some kids, ‘learning’ involves first making mistakes and then reflecting on and analyzing those mistakes with the help of an attentive, analytical caregiver. I cheered when I read that your wife didn’t just accept criticism and shot back at someone who questioned her parenting and her son’s behavior. Absolutely cheered.
    I so wish that the well-being of children was more valued and understood in our culture. I feel sometimes that I am vilified or trivialized for taking what is absolutely the right, healthy, most knowledgeable course of action. Reading about your family, though, gives me the boost I sometimes need.

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