Kids v War

War wins!

“While he reportedly plans to call for up to $200 billion to continue a war that his top general can’t even say is making the country safer, George Bush is rejecting the idea that we would spend less than one third of that amount for the health of America’s children.

“That says all that needs to be said about this President’s priorities.”
—Senator Chris Dodd

I had no idea until just a week ago that Chris Dodd’s father was a prosecutor at Nuremberg. Wow, pretty stark contrast to the current president’s grandfather, who made a fortune by trading with the Nazis during WWII and who was involved with a plot to overthrow President Roosevelt and install a military dictatorship. So apparently a love of fascism ain’t nothin’ new—can such a thing actually be genetic?

(Have y’all heard about that one? It’s one of them rare conspiracy theories that is actually indisputable—congressional inquiries found it to be true—and yet you’ve pretty much never heard about this attempted coup, have you? Thank Allah for the integrity of our military. As compared to the historical immorality of the richest of the rich in this country.)


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One Response to Kids v War

  1. KC says:

    Once again food for thought.

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