Lolcat Zeppelin

So I don’t know how many of youse mugs are familiar with the internet sensation known as lolcats. This is the official home of the lolcats and will provide hours of entertainment, none of which you’ll ever get back. This right here is my particular favorite lolcat ever, especially ironic in that it doesn’t even feature a cat.

All of which is mere prelude to this, one of the seventeen examples of just why the internet is so damn great. Thank you, Al Gore!



About the other scott peterson

Writer of comics and books and stuff.
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One Response to Lolcat Zeppelin

  1. xixi says:

    i love lolcats. sometimes, i wait all week and don’t read icanhascheezeburger, just so when I *DO* read it – there are so many more. My latest fave is this one
    where i work now, all the writers love them and we try to get them in the show whenever possible. We want the hosts to talk in lolcats for a whole episode. It’ll never happen so until then, we’ll just IM each other with OH HAI I HAS A SCRIPT. OH NOOOOE THEY BE EDITIN MY SCRIPT

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