Math for Maroons

Show up for dental appointment at 8:21, 9 minutes early. Ask once again about how long the procedure will take. Be told, once again, “an hour, hour and a half.”

Sit for fifteen minutes, cognizant you were told you were lucky to score “her first appointment of the day.”

Be brought back at 8:34.


Sit some more.

Sit still more.

Hear her come in fifteen minutes later and greet colleagues and be asked how her weekend was.

Many minutes later, after she has graced you with her presence, be pronounced good to go and walk out. Note it is now 11:18, two hours and fifty-seven minutes after you walked in.

Adjust for your own earliness, and realize it took them an hour and eighteen minutes longer than they thought it would, or roughly twice as long as they estimated.

Hope desperately they get that exact level of service in every single restaurant they ever go to for the rest of their lives.


About the other scott peterson

Writer of comics and books and stuff.
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2 Responses to Math for Maroons

  1. sarah in va says:

    I just love medical time, don’t you? Time to shop for another dental provider, I believe. Hope your tooth feels better at least.

  2. KathyR says:

    That just sucks. Like that hoover thing they put in your mouth now instead of letting you swish and spit like in the good old days.

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