Biff Sings!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Top Management and I were happy to see ol’ Biff on a recent episode of House, but I had no idea about his stand-up career. The wonderful imdb indicates that he’s been pretty busy since his big break on Back to the Future. I can say that I do recall he was great as the mobster who killed Robin’s parents back on the Batman animated show.

Should I ever meet him, I shall refrain from him asking him any of those questions. But I shall damn sure about ask him what it was like when they were filming the movie with Eric Stoltz instead of Michael J. Fox.

H/T: List of the Day

And for Left o’ the Dialian Tom E:

He’s well over a thousand from the left coast, so the bit about her being a California girl doesn’t quite work. But I’m guessing all the rest does.


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