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Supporting the Troops


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In Memoriam

The Defense Department last week identified the following American military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq or who died elsewhere of their injuries: Matthew W. Brown, 20, of Zelienople, Pa.; private, Army. Brown died of an apparent gunshot wound while … Continue reading

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CD Sticker Residue

Why do they make those little stickers that keep new CDs closed so hard to remove? I mean, they’re relatively easy to peel off, but it’s nearly impossible to do so without leaving sticky residue all over the case. Why? … Continue reading

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Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

So today President of the United States George W. Bush, speaking overseas, compared the Democratic nominee for president to a Nazi appeaser. He didn’t come right out and say that, of course, possibly because he thought he was being subtle, … Continue reading

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Doctors drive me insane, even the good ones. As I have written about at some length, I love doctors, responsible as they are for saving the lives of two of my chillens. But they’re human and sometimes I swear I … Continue reading

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I Love YouTube

This video proves several things: I loves me my internets. Americans are still inventive. Unfortunately, not necessarily in ways which benefit all of mankind. Still, this is wicked cool. Someone will make a comment about “too much time on their … Continue reading

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Ray of Gob

So I think I’ve posted this before, but since I’ve run across three normally very net-savvy types in the past twenty-four hours who were unfamiliar with it, it’s worth posting again. Here we have one of the truly great supergroups … Continue reading

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