Obama v. McCain

So. It’s over. We’ve got nominees from both parties now, given that what’s been factually true for a couple months now—that it was virtually impossible, mathematically, for Clinton to win the nomination—has begun to be spoken on network television by talking heads desperately hoping for a continued race on the Democratic side to be able to trumpet. But it’s done. Obama’s the nominee. It’s not official yet but it’s only a matter of time, and maybe as soon as today.

What I found at least as interesting, though, was that in both Indiana and North Carolina, a quarter of the Republican voters bothered to come out just to vote against John McCain. I mean, that’s amazing. He’s the nominee—there’s no one else even left in the race. And still they took a couple hours to express their displeasure with the choice of him, despite it being completely meaningless—and these are, pretty much by definition, the rank and file Republicans. That’s a pretty big story. Not that you’ll have heard it anywhere else, as far as I could tell.

Add the actual numbers up and toss in Pennsylvania, and over a half million dedicated Republicans have now voted against their own nominee in the three most recent major Republican primaries.

Going to be an intersting fall. And by “interesting,” I mean “ugly as hell.”


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