Ray of Gob

So I think I’ve posted this before, but since I’ve run across three normally very net-savvy types in the past twenty-four hours who were unfamiliar with it, it’s worth posting again. Here we have one of the truly great supergroups ever—an extreme rarity: two disparate yet tremendously important artists coming together to create something unique and brilliant. In other words, it’s two great tastes that taste great together.


About the other scott peterson

Writer of comics and books and stuff.
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2 Responses to Ray of Gob

  1. KathyR says:

    If Madonna really sounded like that, I might have bought one of her records.

  2. xixi says:

    Go Home Productions did another mash up that I like *very* much – Paperback Believer — Paperback Writer + I’m A Believer. Ayuh.
    yes, i am just now catching up with my google reader. suck it, i’ve been busy. 😉 at least you know I don’t just “mark as read”

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