What a Fetting

I am a geek. This comes as news to no one. Yet I’ve never come close to understanding why the hell Boba Fett is as popular as he is. I don’t think I even noticed him the first half-dozen times I saw the original Star Wars trilogy.

I am also a child of the 80s. So much as I hated this film, every second of this dance is imprinted on my DNA.

Put ‘em both together and you have yet one more reason to say God bless Al Gore and his mighty mighty invention, teh internetz. 


About the other scott peterson

Writer of comics and books and stuff.
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2 Responses to What a Fetting

  1. Shannon says:

    Boba Fett was always one of my favorites behind Han Solo (Harrison Ford was the cat’s meow) and Yoda. Of course, that probably makes me a bigger nerd than you. So be it.

  2. fish says:

    Youtube has revolutionized our access to the creative. I love it.

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