Under Pressure

I really gotta post something one of these days, but the San Diego Comic-Con has robbed me of several years’ worth of brain cells, and I had none I could really spare. So I shall leave you with this utterly brilliant stand-in for Freddie Mercury—I cannot imagine a better choice, and that fact that she’s kinda dressed like David Bowie in “Ashes to Ashes” is just that much grander: 

Big ol’ H/T to old college roomie Dave. 

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Writer of comics and books and stuff.
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3 Responses to Under Pressure

  1. TIM says:

    Well, as long as we’re talking about utterly brilliant stand-ins for Freddie Mercury:

    Yeah, I know, Scott — this makes three. But maybe one of these times, you’ll see what I’m getting at…

  2. I love Annie Lennox. Ramona sometimes walks around the house singing Broken Glass.

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