Very possibly—and I do not exaggerate—the single greatest EVAH. 


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One Response to Supergroup

  1. DT says:

    ACTUAL dialogue that took place, in the Green Room immediately after this performance wrapped up.
    SATAN: Exxxxcellent, Reginald! Bwa-hah-hah! A job VERY well done!
    EJ: Thank you, uh, Your Awfulness. Now, look? Are we square now? I did the thing with the singing lion. I rewrote (chokes back bile for a moment) I rewrote freaking “Candle in the Wind” like you asked! Now I’ve (on the verge of tears) I’ve done (sobbing) THIS with the bloody Spice Girls! Will you puh-lease let me off the hook now?! I mean, I know you’re supposed to be cruel. But this is just unseemly!!!!
    SATAN: (ponders a moment) Welllllll…oh, all right. I need to focus my attention on John Mayer anyway.

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