Great Album Covers

Oh, sure, I know the world is melting down financially, we have a candidate for veep who cannot name a single magazine or newspaper she reads (or just doesn’t want to admit that her list contains naught but TV Guide and US Weekly) and I spilled coffee on myself getting out of the car this morning. (Okay, that last one may be more a matter of local import. But it was still a seriously suckass way to start the day.) 

But there is still goodness in the world. Most of it, of course, if found on the internet. Such as this, courtesy my pal T-Street—a map which shows you where great album covers were shot.

We will survive, people. We. Will. Survive. 
And to help get us all through these troubled times, I [re]present to you the following—it's been around for a while, but it's always worth another viewing:


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3 Responses to Great Album Covers

  1. shannon says:

    Coffee spillage is contagious. My friend did that the other day and had to change before work. And I love the word suckass.

  2. DT says:

    This album cover locator might be the single most helpful website that has ever been brought to my attention.
    Once again, except for socially, financially, and emotionally, Left of the Dial has made my life so much better.

  3. T-street says:

    Oooh, I feel so honored! And my state of PA even has something listed. Who knew? I figured it was a suckass state for album covers. 😉

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