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In Memoriam

The Defense Department last week identified the following American military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq:Bradley S. Coleman, 24, of Martinsville, Va.; private first class, Army. Coleman died of non-combat-related injuries Oct. 29 at Qayyarah Airfield, Iraq, north of Baghdad. He … Continue reading

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One Home Many Hopes

So Left o' the Dialian DT has a lil' brother who helped found the following project.  After hearing about it, I asked if I could post the info here, since studies have shown the average LotDian has a heart more … Continue reading

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Dear 48

We're all on the same team.  Let's do this thing. 

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The Promised Land

So last night the fambly had itself an apple pie, in honor of this great nation of ours and its nutty experiment with democracy. Oh sure, there’ve been some stumbles along the way, a few of 'em not inconsiderable, but … Continue reading

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Long Walk Home

One of the greatest songs of this young century so far.  Long Walk Home Last night I stood at your doorstepTrying to figure out what went wrongYou just slipped somethin' into my palm Then you were goneI could smell the same … Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Lie

It was pointed out to me recently that I do not feature nearly enough Replacements on here. This is unquestionably true. And yet I shall not rectify that at this precise point in time because I am a rebel. Or … Continue reading

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