Dear Senator Feinstein—You Suck

I just sent this to one of my two senators. The title prolly gives the plot away. But what a freakin' baby. I mean, I'd understand if she felt the need to object on principle. But it ain't that. Someone didn't curtsey well enough to suit her ladyship, so she throws a hissy fit. 

The Democratic leadership sucks. Suck suck suckety-sucks. 

Senator Feinstein–

Your behavior towards President-elect Obama over the Leon Panetta nomination has been disgraceful.

In these incredibly serious times, for you to throw a temper tantrum over this minor matter of protocol is embarrassing. For you to do so to a fellow Democrat trying to pull our great nation back from the brink of disaster is unconscionable. How DARE you kneecap a Democrat in this manner, after the way you enabled the Bush administration for eight years?

California expects better. We deserve better.

In the future, we DEMAND better. And if you are running for reelection when your term is up, or considering running for governor as rumored, you would be well-served to keep that mind.

There is a reason Barack Obama’s approval ratings are so much higher than Congress’s, Senator.

We demand better. And we have long memories.

Scott Peterson

Do I think this'll do any good? Nope. But that's not really the point, is it? 


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2 Responses to Dear Senator Feinstein—You Suck

  1. fish says:

    I have never been overly fond of the senator, but recently she has been beyond bad…

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