Life in SoCal

Just found this vidyo someone made of what weekends here are typically like for me and Top Management. 

What's that? The Keys aren't, technically speaking, in southern California? Whatevs. 


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4 Responses to Life in SoCal

  1. Theresa says:

    Oh, great. Now I’m going to have that stuck in my head for weeks. Ack!

  2. I don’t know if you’ve ever visited the Keys or ever plan to, but I’ve been told this is all people sing there, all day long. If you should ever happen to be in the ‘hood, mayhap you can confirm or deny.

  3. Molly says:

    That’s awesome, Scott. Freakin’ awesome.
    Just so you know, it’s 1:00 a.m. and my 13-month-old is passed out in my arms. It was all I could do to not completely bust out in laughter and jostle her awake! We, too, live in Key Largo… er, I mean, San Diego. So I totally know what you mean. The hubs and I have those weekends as well. Aren’t they the best?

  4. Ed says:

    my wife hasn’t stopped singing since we moved down here.

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