The Heart of Rock and Roll

…is still eating. Tandoori. 

That is so very punk. 

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7 Responses to The Heart of Rock and Roll

  1. Is that a Snow White print on the wall? Now THAT’S punk.

  2. Good Lord. The print doesn’t show up UNTIL 49 SECONDS IN.
    I can’t believe you made it that far.
    THAT’s punk.

  3. No, YOU’RE a schmoopie.

  4. DT says:

    Drat. Your title of this post had me thinking it was going to be a version of my favorite Bruce Springsteen song. Blurg.

  5. DT says:

    First and foremost, the lead performer here looks like what would happen if Jeff Lynne, Seth Rogan, and the Weird Version of Joaquin Phoenix got together and made a baby.
    Also, I can recall 22 years ago, when waking up from surgery to repair a broken foot, the two nurses standing over me had faces that were ghostly white and spoke in deep, garbled tones – “Are you awake? Are you awake?” – that sounded like darker and more distorted Darth Vader voices. Naturally, it was the effects of the anaesthesia that caused me to see and hear this, but I remember being freaked out and thinking at the time, “Am I dead?”
    Why do I bring this up? Because had I instead awoke from surgery to see what is on this vidyo, well, I might have REALLY panicked.

  6. Andrea says:

    That was three and a half solid minutes of me having no idea what I would experience next.
    Thank you. I feel clean. And whole.

  7. Tom Edmisten says:

    Man, THAT is one hip cat. I think that was what Jack Webb was aiming at with the drug episodes of Dragnet in the sixties. Not that I would remember the sixties, of course. No way. Ixnay.

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