Greatest Film EVAH

I know I know I know. 

I have been sorely neglecting y'all of late. Or neglecting you sorely. Whatevs.

I've got about a half dozen posts about 10%, so maybe if I smush 'em together? Prolly not the best idear. 

Instead, I offer you this, the—seriously—greatest film evah. Not even sure it's out. Doesn't matter. 




(Sure, you prolly think 'cuz you can see the title right up thar in the preview that you have a rough idea what it's about. Well, you don't.)

((Okay, okay, okay. You do.))

(((Still doesn't matter. You cannot possibly prepare yourself for The Greatness.)))

About the other scott peterson

Writer of comics and books and stuff.
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2 Responses to Greatest Film EVAH

  1. Ed says:

    That was great!
    Oh, and welcome back cotter

  2. fish says:

    It has Debbie Gibson. Frozen away for thousands of years, now released on an unsuspecting population.

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