No Green Day

So Green
Day tickets went on sale today; they’re coming to SoCal in August. With only the
tiniest bit of difficulty, I talked Top Management into coming with me. She
likes the band but doesn’t really care for concerts. Still, she’s a gamer.

I’m a
bit trepidatious ahead of time as I’ve gotten kinda picky about seat location
in my old age. But it turns out that Green Day in San Diego is nothing like Bruce
Springsteen in Los Angeles, and in the first minute of onsale I get seats that
are almost exactly where I would have picked them myself, had I had the entire
arena to choose from.

So I'm all
ready to pay. And then I see that the two $49 tickets—which seems reasonable
after Springsteen—total nearly $130 once all the service charges are added

I've got three minutes to decide and pay. 

And I
just cannot do it. 

If the
tickets were to cost $65, that'd be one thing. But 30% on top of the price? Most
or all of it going to the utterly heinous Ticketmaster? In THIS economy? Not
a chance.

the words I had to type in to prove I was a person (newsflash to regular Left o’
the Dialians: I am) were an omen: “downsize washing.”

Another of my favorite bands I'll not be seeing live. 



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2 Responses to No Green Day

  1. shannon says:

    I saw Green Day in Fresno on their last tour. Good show, but so loud. I was wearing ear plugs and not sitting any where near the stage. I’m not a huge fan (took kids of a friend of mine), but they put on a good show.
    I hate Ticketmaster. I hope that some day some government entity looks into their gouging us with fees.

  2. fish says:

    I remember when I loved Ticketmaster. You didn’t have to go stand in line for hours a hundred miles away from home to get tickets to the show, all for about the equivalent today of about $10. Now they are one of the evilest monopolies out there.

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