Aquaman’s Lament

So I've listened to this song probably a dozen times over the past couple days. I've spent a bizarrely large percentage of my life thinking about the Batman, but I always loved Aquaman as a kid: we both had blonde hair and loved to swim, and that's about the extent of my introspection. 

And I must say, the King of the Seven Seas makes a good argument, especially when it comes to the unlimited free seafood. 

He, of course, doesn't understand just what it is that makes the Dark Knight not just the greatest comic book character ever but, in fact, one of the greatest characters in the history of fiction full stop. But that's okay, as the song's from Aquaman's POV. The homoerotic angle's kinda been done to death, but we can overlook that given its other charms. 

One thing, though, Mark, if you're reading this: awesome job, oh so catchy, love pretty much everything about it. Except this bit: 

Have you ever got the notion
That he's just a rat with wings
I'm the king of seven oceans
And, Vicki, you're my everything

would work better as:

Have you ever got the notion
That he's just a rat with wings
I'm the king of seven oceans
And I want you to be my queen

Tell you what, you can have it, free of charge. 


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2 Responses to Aquaman’s Lament

  1. Gonna stick with the “ing” rhyme, I’m afraid, but thanks for posting the song. Glad ya dig it. There’s going to be a new animated “Worlds of Warcraft” video for it released in October that I’m really excited about. Keep an eye out for it.

  2. Being the Batman fan you are, I thought you might be interested in the sequel to this song. My new CD has “Batman’s Reply.” It’s on iTunes and most other online sources. Hope ya dig it.

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