A Quick Health Care Reminder

Just because it's a central fact and it sometimes gets obscured:

The way insurance companies make money is by accepting your money and then denying you care. The more care they can deny, the less they have to pay doctors and hospitals, the more money they make. 

A health insurance company's business plan is set up to figure out a way to not actually pay for any care you might need. 

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One Response to A Quick Health Care Reminder

  1. Emily says:

    Isn’t this sort of harsh on the insurance companies? I mean, my family and I have had our fair share of Arguing with them, but…
    When I was in the ICU for two weeks, and then in the hospital for two more weeks, we never saw a bill. Ever. And that admit easily cost more than my parents’ house.
    When I received my lung transplant, we also never saw a bill.
    So yeah, Insurance companies can be evil. But they can also step up to the plate and be great about certain things.

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