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Howard’s Being Eaten

So today is the first-ever day of school for Max. Given that she's 18 years old, that may seem a bit unorthodox but then I've sometimes gotten paid to read comics for a living so we're not exactly the typical … Continue reading

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Make It Happen

I saw this quote on the t-shirt of a father at Cal Poly this week.  It's awesome. Inspirational. Catchy. Memorable. And when you think about what the guy who said it accomplished? How can you not be moved? I mean…goosebumps.  … Continue reading

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Bye bye

I remember laughing quietly with Top Management as we realized the two of us just been watching this little baby, less than a week old, sleep. Just…sleep. For fifteen minutes we'd just been sitting there on the couch, leaning forward, … Continue reading

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