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pops like a knife

So the 5-year-old's standing on a chair he's dragged over to the kitchen counter. He's got everything that's required for a peanut butter and honey sandwich: bread, peanut butter, honey, a plate, a knife. He holds up the knife and … Continue reading

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all in how you look at it

"Hey, how was the dentist?" I asked the 10-year-old.  "Great!" he says excitedly. "He says I need to see the orthodontist!" He grins, excited about getting to see this mysterious other tooth doctor, like all his older sisters, proof of … Continue reading

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So I see a PostSecret online and, of course, send the link to Top Management.  "Oh! Sad!" she replies. "You're tellin' me," I say, giving the ol' stink-eye. "This is how I find out?"  "Oh, sweetie," she sighs, patting my … Continue reading

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Climate Change

Sure, you'd think the fact that the overwhelming preponderance of scientist agree that it's nigh upon irrefutable that climate change is real and pressing and a serious threat to the continuation of life on earth would more or less settle … Continue reading

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The Shed Was Talked About

"The shed was talked about." I just discovered this most evocative of phrases and felt compelled to share it.  Also too: Notable Sheds™ is the name of my new band. The shed was talked about will be the first line of … Continue reading

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