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well, at least she’s got good hygiene

The lads come to me at bedtime. "Where's the big toothpaste?" the Brawn asks. The Boy helpfully adds, "yeah!"  "It's not in the bathroom?" I ask stupidly. They look at me in bafflement, apparently perplexed by my logical logic.  "…no," the … Continue reading

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culinary expertise II

"What's 'polenta'?"  "It means 'a lot.'"  "Oh." 

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spirited awee

The Brawn startles as I walk by. I look at him quizzically. The Rose explains that he'd just been telling her he heard a ghost when I suddenly appeared, hence the jumpiness.  "I was standing in the hallway," he says breathlessly, … Continue reading

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the sound of luff

The sainted Top Management is backing out of the driveway, on her way to yet another hospital appointment for The Boy.  The Golden Weasel and the Brawn stand on the porch, yelling and yelling and yelling their goodbyes, a duty they … Continue reading

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out of the mouths of (unusually astute) babes

It starts sprinkling. Here in SoCal this is unusual enough that the youngest kids always get excited. The Brawn runs in to grab a jacket and asks for help zipping it up. "It might be kinda hard," he warns.  I … Continue reading

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potato potahto, pasta posta

The Brawn looks down at his bowl. "Pass-ta salad?" he says.  His next two siblings are perplexed and oddly annoyed by his strange pronunciation. "Pasta," they both correct him.  He looks up, confused. "Salad," he replies slowly, finishing and—clearly, to … Continue reading

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Well, we finally have a kid who successfully makes it to the bathroom to throw up…and it only took us until Child #6 to achieve this momentous milestone. Yay us? 

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