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very specific requirements

The Brawn has been playing quietly by himself for some time. I say "quietly" but he has, in fact, kept up a very steady stream of dialogue between himself and what sounds like at least two or three other different … Continue reading

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We're on the couch, watching something incredibly erudite and educational — (New Girl) — when Top Management stirs.  "Where are you going?"  "I need to get socks."  "Why? I can get 'em for you." The briefest of pauses. "You make a persuasive argument. … Continue reading

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searches I never thought I’d see

I don't know how, but someone managed to wind up on a Left of the Dial page from 2006 while searching for "who sells binks easter bunny in corpus christi." I have never been so proud.

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trust but verify

"Dad? How do you spell 'Golden Weasel'?"  I spell it for him, then look over to see him squatting down, a tongue sticking out in concentration, as he rearranges Scrabble tiles.  "Look!" he yells. "I spelled 'Hobbes'—H, O, B, E, … Continue reading

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