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another thing to look forward to

So I'm making coffee as the two youngest are eating breakfast. They're watching a cartoon, but I'm not awake enough—note the "making coffee," not "drinking coffee" bit—to know what, and the television is mercifully out of my line of sight.  … Continue reading

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our juvenile delinquency of the day

I just walked in to tell Top Management dinner was ready. She slowly turned to look at me and there was absolutely no one at home.  It was incredibly disconcerting, until I realized she was listening to Hamilton.  I feel … Continue reading

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Frankenstein was right

Top Management and I have a friend who once told us that it never gets easier, that you don't actually worry less as they get older, the worries just change, shift, transmogrify and, if anything, they get worse, since they're … Continue reading

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the best age

My brother the salesman once explained to me, before any of us had kids, the secret to starting a conversation with a parent. Simply ask how old their kid is and then respond, "oh, that's a great age." Since it … Continue reading

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