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Fists and Roses

So the 2-year-old comes trotting down the hall. He stops when he sees me and beams. Some sister has carefully arranged a beautiful circlet on his head just so, its flowers half buried in his curly hair, the ribbons hanging … Continue reading

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22 minutes and 25 seconds

That's how long it took me to wash the dishes tonight. I know, because it took me exactly as long as the first 5 songs of U2's War album. You see, that's pretty much my relationship to music these days—how … Continue reading

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Expert Opinion

So we're driving home when I realize I've forgotten tortillas.  "Well…rats," I say.  "What, Daddy?" asks the senator from the back seat.  "Oh, nothing, punkin," I say. "Just…well, I kinda screwed up what I bought for dinner."  She's silent for … Continue reading

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Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom

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I Love Tax Day

So a couple writers have new editorials about taxes. Friend of a friend Steve Almond's is here. And here's one from a writer named JK Rowling. And while I've had my issues with some of her other writings, I have … Continue reading

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His Pain

I feels it.

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Artists Who Hate America

I love the internet. I just read the following comment: do the lirics to Springsteens song " born in the USA" bother anybody else besides me??? And I wanted to say: Yes! Thank you! I thought I was the only one! … Continue reading

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