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startle tactics

The Brawn has been on fire recently. In addition to his spelling phase, he's been trying to subtly expand his vocabulary. (One suspects having sisters talking about the patriarchal society paradigm may have something to do with it.)  So last … Continue reading

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the big question II

My kids, man. As has already been proven, they don't play when it comes to posing the gravest of serious queries, probing the depths of the mysteries of humankind's existence.  So when my 16-year-old came in as I was writing, … Continue reading

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So the other night I discovered, to my shock and horror, not just that I had seven billion children, but that I also had not one single copy of any of the myriad collections of Gary Larson's The Far Side in the … Continue reading

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A little clunky, a little awkward, a little clichéd. And still the best piece of writing I've ever done.    Happy anniversary, love of my life. You remain, now and forever, the cat's meow.  

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Comic Relief

I walk into the kitchen. The 14-year-old sees me, bends forward slightly and then slams her head into my sternum.  "Don't hurt yourself," I said, pretending I'd felt no pain. I gesture to my chest. "This? Titanium. Mixed with adamantium. … Continue reading

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If the Shibataea Fits…

The Golden Weasel notices me wearing an old Swamp Thing t-shirt.  "Aw…" she says, extending one small finger and gently touching the monster and his daughter. "Look, Daddy—it's you and me." 

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Eric Cantor: Don Martin character

Is it just me, or does Eric Cantor look like a Don Martin character?  Here's Eric Cantor:   Now here are some Don Martin characters:     Here's what he could do with some relatively famous peoples.    Yeah. No, it's … Continue reading

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