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he is who the majority of us knew he was

Henry'd only had three customers all afternoon—that is, if you want to count in blind Eddie. Eddie's about seventy, and he ain't completely blind. Runs into things, mostly. He comes in once or twice a week and sticks a loaf … Continue reading

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The Real Gadsen Flag

If there's anything to be thankful about regarding this presidential election—and there's not, not one goddamn thing—it'd be that it spurred some genius to create this updated and far more accurate flag.  Why, I'm so old I can not only … Continue reading

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just so

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the answer to one of life’s mysteries

Top Management sidles up to me. She looks troubled—an expression markedly different from her usual cheerful demeanor.  "I…I need to ask you something," she says softly.  I am trepidatious. "…okay…"  Her brow furrows. "This is something I think I'm really … Continue reading

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Global Warming Is Real

"DUH." —anyone who's not an idiot   "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." —Upton Sinclair  Dear Conservatives—a quick reminder: if you succeed in turning this glorious planet … Continue reading

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Climate Change

Sure, you'd think the fact that the overwhelming preponderance of scientist agree that it's nigh upon irrefutable that climate change is real and pressing and a serious threat to the continuation of life on earth would more or less settle … Continue reading

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America Hell No

You know, I call recall a time when conservatives liked a strong America, rather than actively wishing, rooting, acting for a greatly weakened one. Oh, 2008, where did you go? (And what could possibly have changed since then?) In Britain, … Continue reading

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