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Portesting Refrom

So here's the thing. It's easy to make fun of someone for a typo. Left of the Dialian DT, for instance, although an excellent writer, can rarely go more than five sentences without one, often with unintentionally hysterical results.  But, … Continue reading

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Bestest Friends

Following up on yesterday's post…sorta: 

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I've been simultaneously amused and outraged by the whole teabagging thing. On the one hand, the fact that they've glommed onto a fair filthy sexual term for it is so delightful and appropriate. On the other hand, the fact that… … Continue reading

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So. I just read this:  "This is not a stimulus plan, it's a spending plan," Nebraska's freshman senator, Mike Johanns (R), said Wednesday in a maiden floor speech full of budget-balancing orthodoxy that would have made Herbert Hoover proud. The … Continue reading

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Dear 48

We're all on the same team.  Let's do this thing. 

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The Promised Land

So last night the fambly had itself an apple pie, in honor of this great nation of ours and its nutty experiment with democracy. Oh sure, there’ve been some stumbles along the way, a few of 'em not inconsiderable, but … Continue reading

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Who We Are

So in this nutty world of the internets, one of the first people to become a regular Left of the Dialian was my pal Tom, whom I still have never met. (Although Top Management and my Mess o’ Kids has … Continue reading

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