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quelle surprise

The Brawn sits down for breakfast and finds his bongos are still on the table, exactly where he'd placed (and played) them the day before.  "Oh!" he says, pleased. "I'm always so surprised when my bongos are here. I'm always … Continue reading

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the big beat

My children are, as everyone who's ever met them will whole-heartedly attest, often (but not always) to the chagrin of their own offspring, the best ones ever born. But they're not blessed with what you would call an overabundance of … Continue reading

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trousers rolled

The good lady wife is out of town this weekend, at the first ever reunion for her original college, which was sold to the Japanese after her sophomore year. (Oh, 1980s…you were wacky and no mistake.) Took advantage of the … Continue reading

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Ramble On

Restraint. Knowing when to lay out. Knowing what not to play. As Miles Davis famously advised John Coltrane, sometimes it’s best to just “take the horn out of your mouth.” Which brings us to, incongruously, John Bonham. Bonzo. Led Zeppelin’s … Continue reading

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