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Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom


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What’s That Name Now?

So now I wanna watch a bunch of these.  Others…not so much. 

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New 80s Brat Pack Video

This makes me very happy. 

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Greatest Film EVAH

I know I know I know.  I have been sorely neglecting y'all of late. Or neglecting you sorely. Whatevs. I've got about a half dozen posts about 10%, so maybe if I smush 'em together? Prolly not the best idear.  … Continue reading

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What a Fetting

I am a geek. This comes as news to no one. Yet I’ve never come close to understanding why the hell Boba Fett is as popular as he is. I don’t think I even noticed him the first half-dozen times … Continue reading

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Journey at the Center of the Earth

I always suspected. People thought I was crazy, but I never stopped believin’. Major H/T to the great and terrible Kristen. 

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Office Space: The Drama I’d watch this.

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