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flamingo, flamango

So we're watching Fantasia 2000. As the credits roll, bits and bobs from the now-finished film flash alongside the numerous names of the animators. Their utterly delightful take on Camille Saint-Saëns's Carnival of the Animals, starring a host of wacky—well, one … Continue reading

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so true and yet so not true

So I showed The Little Mermaid to the kids the other night. It'd been so long since they'd seen it that not only did The Brawn have no memory of it—not entirely shocking, since when you're not quite eight, you … Continue reading

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a whole old world

So The Golden Weasel is feelin' punk. We therefore decide it's an evening of cinnamon toast, gatorade and animated movie. The Rose picks Aladdin and we're off to the races. I marvel at Robin Williams' performance, as always, until we get … Continue reading

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The Golden Weasel comes running through the house.  "No time to talk!" she shouts happily as she barrels through. "The Rose just said I could do a favor for her!" 

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Antony Starr Looks Like Liev Schreiber

So Top Management and I just started watching the Cinemax television show Banshee, which neither of us had even heard of before, until Cinemax started running ads, trumpeting its upcoming second season. So we checked out the first season and, … Continue reading

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a logical solution

Still trying to recover from a wonderful but exhausting Thanksgiving week, I pop Fantasia on for the first time in many years, so many that the 12-year-old is the youngest to remember it. Top Management keeps muttering "Leopold! Leopold!" in wonder … Continue reading

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Here's a piece I wrote years and years ago—a decade ago, now, I think, on a Miles Davis email listserv, of all places—on the Stanley Kubrick/Steven Spielberg film A.I. For some reason, I thought I'd crossposted it here, but don't seem … Continue reading

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