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Vulcan wisdom

The 15-year-old muses as we toss a tennis ball in the backyard.  "I've often wondered if it would be possible to get through an entire day by saying nothing but quotes from books and movies and stuff."  "Well," I respond. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter: The Real Inspiration

I know, I know, I know. A lot of people think J.K. Rowling…appropriated Ursula K. Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea, or Diana Wynne Jones' Charmed Life or several other candidates. But I think we all know where she really found her … Continue reading

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Slytherin House: incubator of evil for 1200 years!

So it's been more than a little while since I last posted about my favorite series in the entire world. But I read this interesting piece on Harry Potter. It's fairly short, so you should click through and read the … Continue reading

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Out, damn Dore!

Well, this is interesting. J.K. Rowling has outed one of the main characters of her best-selling Harry Potter series, telling fans in New York that the wizard Albus Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts school, is gay. Speaking at Carnegie Hall on … Continue reading

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Harry Potter: Utterly Perfect?

I’m the first hit on Google for Harry Potter civil disobedience. I like that. It wasn’t my intent. But I like it. I’m also the first hit for lyrics schmyrics and I like that too. But that’s neither here nor … Continue reading

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The Subtle Harry Potter

So I no longer have access to all the groovy webtools I’d accumulated on my otherwise ancient office computer on which I’ve worked (well, sometimes) for six years. So I have little idea where my hits are coming from these … Continue reading

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Pokin’ More Fun at Harry Potter

So here’s the thing: I really enjoy the Harry Potter books. I do. But they’re so incredibly overrated and amoral (at best) that whenever someone gets a good shot in—and it unfortunately tends to be somewhat rare—I can’t help but … Continue reading

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