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a walk in the parkour

So The Golden Weasel and The Brawn have been taking parkour classes for about a month.    During the most recent class, The Brawn slipped off a beam and bashed his thigh pretty well. He sat out about five or … Continue reading

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Well, we finally have a kid who successfully makes it to the bathroom to throw up…and it only took us until Child #6 to achieve this momentous milestone. Yay us? 

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flu shots

They are not to be gone gentle into.

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Unanswerable Health Care Questions

Actually, that's not true at all: they're all too answerable. The answers are just too unpleasant for the mainstream media to face head-on. 

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Family Values

And by that I mean placing absolutely no value upon the concept of "family," if it butts up against Big Business.  What a complete and total jerk. 

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Health State of the Union

Oh, sure. Nothin' broke here:  With median annual compensation of more than $12.4 million, C.E.O.’s at the big health-care companies make two-thirds more than their counterparts in finance and are the highest paid of any industry. The health-care industry’s total … Continue reading

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Portesting Refrom

So here's the thing. It's easy to make fun of someone for a typo. Left of the Dialian DT, for instance, although an excellent writer, can rarely go more than five sentences without one, often with unintentionally hysterical results.  But, … Continue reading

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