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Not Gone Fishin’

Not much posting lately. Bizzy bizzy life intruding, most rudely. Also had a fever on Wednesday, a bit better on Thursday and Friday, but then a painful cough developed today. If it don’t get better soon, it looks like I’m … Continue reading

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Love ‘Em Lawyers

I know that as an American I’m supposed to dislike lawyers. But I don’t. I love ‘em. Oh, sure, there’re the unscrupulous bastards who’ll give the entire profession a bad name, but of what profession can that not be said? … Continue reading

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Bath School Disaster

Hokey smokes. Every time I think I’ve come near the limit of my ignance, new stuff pops up. Seems there is, in fact, no end to my ignance. That’s just one reason I’m so fond of The Baby–she has no … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Animals

So we’ve got a bear in our neighborhood. At least, that’s the rumor going around. I’m a little skeptical myself. I suspect people have seen the local llama and gotten a bit freaked out and let their imaginations run wild. … Continue reading

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What and Where Am I?

So you’ve probably seen them little online tests you can take to to determine what kind o’ animal or tree or whatever you are. Here are two of my recent results, just so’s you all know exactly what you’re dealing … Continue reading

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I Always Feel like Somebody’s Watching Me

There is freaky. There is scary. And then there is this: Ohio Company Implants Workers With ID Chips And in Ohio, a private video surveillance company called CityWatcher has embedded radio transmitter ID chips into two of its employees. It … Continue reading

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Linda Blech Visits

Oy. What a couple days it’s been. Top Management had an appointment at the midwife’s and all was deemed Good. She’d gained quite a bit of weight over the previous two weeks, which is outstanding for My Petite Thing. And … Continue reading

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