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a walk in the parkour

So The Golden Weasel and The Brawn have been taking parkour classes for about a month.    During the most recent class, The Brawn slipped off a beam and bashed his thigh pretty well. He sat out about five or … Continue reading

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Make It Happen

I saw this quote on the t-shirt of a father at Cal Poly this week.  It's awesome. Inspirational. Catchy. Memorable. And when you think about what the guy who said it accomplished? How can you not be moved? I mean…goosebumps.  … Continue reading

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Triple Axe(l)

I've not watched even a single second of the Olympics. But if I'd known they were like this? I'd've been glued to the TV. 

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Manly Men

I am not a manly man. Some men build their own homes. I read about such men.  Which is why these bloopers made me so very happy. Because here are manly men being just as inept as I. Admittedly, it's … Continue reading

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Reading Is Fundamental

So I reckon most of us have seen this portion of the interview Sarah Palin did with Katie Couric a while back. But I, at least, hadn't seen this entire segment and, I have to admit, it changed my view … Continue reading

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Swing ‘Em Home

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I Hate Sports

I’m done with sports. I have more than enough real agita in my life, I certainly don’t need to go borrowing extra, stress that’s not even real. I know from real stress, and who wins or doesn’t win the Super … Continue reading

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