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another thing to look forward to

So I'm making coffee as the two youngest are eating breakfast. They're watching a cartoon, but I'm not awake enough—note the "making coffee," not "drinking coffee" bit—to know what, and the television is mercifully out of my line of sight.  … Continue reading

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the answer to one of life’s mysteries

Top Management sidles up to me. She looks troubled—an expression markedly different from her usual cheerful demeanor.  "I…I need to ask you something," she says softly.  I am trepidatious. "…okay…"  Her brow furrows. "This is something I think I'm really … Continue reading

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The two boys are watching Dora the Explorer as I'm doing the dishes, the younger one enthusiastically, the older one considerably less so; he's not a huge fan of La Exploradora, for reasons I've never understood, possibly because they're utterly … Continue reading

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unwilling suspension of disbelief

"Buttons can't talk," says the six-year-old with affectionate exasperation.  I look up at the television. Apparently there's either a talking button I missed, or someone is under the mistaken impression that buttons can converse? Something like that and, either way, … Continue reading

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big sisters

So the youngest three are watching Max & Ruby.  "Max always wins," notes the four-year-old thoughtfully. He's, of course, the youngest and is perhaps wondering why it so rarely seems to work out that well for him.  "That's true," I … Continue reading

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Antony Starr Looks Like Liev Schreiber

So Top Management and I just started watching the Cinemax television show Banshee, which neither of us had even heard of before, until Cinemax started running ads, trumpeting its upcoming second season. So we checked out the first season and, … Continue reading

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Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food

So. I have recently learned that, staggeringly, inexplicably, horrifyingly, a pair of loyal Left o' the Dialians have never seen this following clip, the first time Steves Carrell and Colbert appeared on television together. Naturally, I decided this Would Not … Continue reading

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