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automotive goblinry

"Hey! Why's the carseat over on this side now?" asks The Brawn as he gets into the car. Almost all his trips are taken in the minivan, and apparently, at some point, in this vehicle his carseat got moved from … Continue reading

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one or the other other

The Golden Weasel approacheth slowly.  HER: Dad? Paul Ra…Rave…Rev… ME: Paul Revere?  HER: Yeah, him. Was he a president?  ME: No, sweetheart.  HER (eyes growing big): He was a king? ME (thinking): …are those really the only two options here?  ME … Continue reading

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tire half inflated

So this afternoon I had the opportunity to teach two of my girls how to change a tire. This pleased me greatly, since the 15-year-old is mechanically-inclined and the 12-year-old generally likes to accumulate as much knowledge as possible.  The … Continue reading

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So while waiting for the traffic light to turn, I watched a guy in a business suit, with impeccable hair, walk towards a gas station, holding a gas can, a grim expression on his face. And not once did I … Continue reading

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Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom

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One Home Many Hopes

So Left o' the Dialian DT has a lil' brother who helped found the following project.  After hearing about it, I asked if I could post the info here, since studies have shown the average LotDian has a heart more … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast

We have twice as many vehicles as the Obamas but fewer houses. We also have exactly the same number of planes.  I personally have precisely the same number of vehicles as John McCain, but Top Management has only 8.33% as … Continue reading

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