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Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom


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One Home Many Hopes

So Left o' the Dialian DT has a lil' brother who helped found the following project.  After hearing about it, I asked if I could post the info here, since studies have shown the average LotDian has a heart more … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast

We have twice as many vehicles as the Obamas but fewer houses. We also have exactly the same number of planes.  I personally have precisely the same number of vehicles as John McCain, but Top Management has only 8.33% as … Continue reading

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New Energy Policy

I've never actually seen her speak before.  She's, uh…well, she sounds far more intelligent than the majority of the pols I see on Sunday morning talk shows.  My world is crashing down upon me.

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That Guy

You know how when you drive on unfamiliar roads during rush hour it’s really stressful because everyone else drives to work on them 250 times a year and they know ‘em like the backs of their hands and you’re trying … Continue reading

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States I’ve Been In

I couldn’t figure out how to check “intoxication.” Or was it “inebriation?” create your own visited states map h/t: Bonny Glen Up Close and Personal.

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Wing Suits

Seriously. I got palpitations just thinking about trying this. But, man, it looks cool. Now I wanna see someone try to land.

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