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Lock Up the Children

Why do they say I was tagged thusly? This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: bomb (80x) torture (6x) dick (3x) death (2x) suicide (1x) Let the record show that I suspect at least two … Continue reading

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I’m the second Google hit for burned labia. The first hit if you’ve got Safe Search turned on, which removes the real first hit. Which, somehow unsurprisingly, is for Britney Spears. And to think my high school speech teacher said—okay, … Continue reading

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Even Prouder

I’m the fifth hit—out of 4,700,000—for I hate YouTube. [Which, of course, I don’t, or only in the same way I hate Pop-Tarts. Which is to say with a surfeit of love.]

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So Very Proud

I am the second hit for fingersticks the rolling stones bootlegs site. Suckas… [UPDATE: Now? I’m number one! I’m number one!]

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Alaskan Eye Doctors Go Boom!

I don’t know who was searching for “historical fiction alaska explosion opthamologist” but they must have been mighty disappointed when Left of the Dial was one of the first hits. But now I’m most intrigued. What was this person looking … Continue reading

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The Subtle Harry Potter

So I no longer have access to all the groovy webtools I’d accumulated on my otherwise ancient office computer on which I’ve worked (well, sometimes) for six years. So I have little idea where my hits are coming from these … Continue reading

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By the by, it’s come to my attention that some of you long-time Left of the Dial readers are apparently unaware that it’s possible to leave comments after a post. I say this not to get more comments—some folks just … Continue reading

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