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searches I never thought I’d see

I don't know how, but someone managed to wind up on a Left of the Dial page from 2006 while searching for "who sells binks easter bunny in corpus christi." I have never been so proud. Advertisements

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An Expert Texpert in William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

I am emphatically not saying I am one.  I'm just sayin'. 

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We’re #1!

Because we're not afraid of answering the hard questions, I guess? 

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King of All Searches

That's right. It's me.  (Oh, like you've never pondered that exact same question.) Top that, Miss Snooty Pants. Larry just for illustrative purposes and may not reflect the actual king referenced. 

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How great is this? Because, really, who hasn’t wondered what their grinch name is? Mine, in case you were curious and how could you not be, is Surlybeast Rascalnose. Which is a little creepy, actually. Because that really is what … Continue reading

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Search Me

No, seriously. If someone who got here from searching for “scott peterson update 2007” could please tell me why so many people from all over the country are suddenly doing these searches, I’d be most grateful. Thank you. As for … Continue reading

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Teh Greatests

Some folks say this is the greatest five second video on teh internets. I don’t know that I’d disagree. But this? This is almost certainly the greatest website in the known universe. In fact, I find it hard to believe … Continue reading

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